Using the latest technologies, pursue industry trends and technological developments to continually create innovative lighting solutions.
Design perfectly in appearances, light distributions, heat dissipation structures, matching safety standards and easy installation.
Manufacturing Capacity
4 RoHs workshops,20 production assembly lines. 400 employees.Toyota-style lean production management.
Quality Assurance
All components under severe IQC/OQC procedures.All process is strictly controlled subject to the EU.
Test & Certificate
CIE, IESNA and RoHS standard Laboratory , CE,SAA,SASO,UL Certificate
ProjectsOur products are based on the demand of clients, widely applying to different commercial lighting areas...


VACE Lighting 2020 Review | Group of People, One Heart, One Dream Together "A group of people, one road, keep going",With this powerful song,Wanju General Manager Yang led the core management team to use a "don't give up"Wanju 2020 New Year Appreciation P…
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